The Winning Strategy for Success in Job Search

Our Virtual Assistant job search strategy is atleast 100's times more effective than premium service of any other job portal in the world. Period.
Though, we don't guarantee a job or job interview, but this is the best approach for anyone, especially senior professionals.
Ingredients of your succes are Focus, Professional CV, Relevant Job Titles, Regular Applications and Timely Followups. Our Virtual Assistant does exactly the same.
It is the best strategy as compared to searching and requesting recruiters for jobs or interviews.

OWCareers Premium Services for Job Seekers

We are the first one in the World who developed a detailed framework to help professionals in their job search.
Our virtual assistants proactively look around, search for jobs and apply on your behalf to generate job interviews for you.
Channels we cover include OWCareers, other job portals, newspapers, social media, target-sector companies' and recruiters' websites.
Our premium services for job seekers are:

Express Virtual Assistant for Job Search

Specially designed for professional who are in a rush - either due to their resignation or travelling. Our freelancers work aggressively, search and apply for jobs from different sources to maximize the chances of your job interviews. We augment the process through email shoots.

Hire Virtual Assistant

AI Powered Virtual Assistant to Find Jobs

For middle level managers, engineers, and other price sensitive professionals, it is a detailed service to win you a bigger role. We create online profiles, upload CVs to recruiters and companies websites and apply on daily basis, to maximize the chances of your job interviews.

Hire Virtual Assistant

C-Level Virtual Assistant to Find Jobs

Senior Executives demand higher level of sophistication in their applications. They can't send CVs everywhere, we customize cover letters and do the heavy lifting to generate appointments that matter. Very advanced service for C-Level professionals, within the country or abroad.

Hire Virtual Assistant

CV Distribution Service

It is the process of circulating your CV through email to recruiters and other relevant contacts and is the fastest way of getting your CV in front of employers. We customize cover letters for maximum impact and provide inbox to response, making it the most advanced in the world.

Get CV Distribution

Professional CV Writing Service

Cover Letter is the first chance to make an impression leading recruiters to look into your CV or Resume which is the next most important document. With close to decade of experience, our professionally crafted CVs can turn your application into a winning ticket for your next job.

Get Professional CV

LinkedIn Navigation Service

Target the right recruiters and engage with personalized outreach. Our Virtual Assistants can deliver the most relevant opportunities. Let our advanced system discover the right audience, reaching out and prospecting leads through suggestions and responses customized for you.

Hire LinkedIn Navigator

Empowering in Your Job Seerch

Paid Trial Available for Some Services

For creating online profiles, CV uploads, daily job applications on different channels,
sending emails and creating prospects, we have very affordable customized plan for you.
Need to learn more? Discuss with our experts by booking an appointment.

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