Our Successful Job Search Strategy

Our Virtual Assistant job search strategy is atleast 100 times more effective than premium service of any other job portal in the world. Though we don't guarantee a job or job interviews, but this is the best approach for anyone . Our Virtual Assistant is the best strategy than searching and requesting recruiters in Dubai or recruiters in Abu Dhabi for jobs or interviews. If you are in a hurry and not senior professional, you might consider signup for . the best CV distribution service in UAE


We are the first one in the World who developed a detailed framework to help professionals in their job search. Our virtual assistants proactively look around, search and apply on jobs on your behalf. Our Services are way better than recruitment agencies in UAE or recruitment agencies in Dubai or recruitment agencies in Abu Dhabi. Key features of our service are:

Impressive CV

We create impressive CV and Cover Letters.

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Customized Cover Letters

Unique and customized cover letters for each job application.

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Online Profiles

We create online profiles on more portals, recruiters' and companies' websites.

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Daily Job Applications

We search and apply on daily basis to every possible authentic source that we can find and consider reliable.

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CV Distribution Through Email

For selective profiles, we shall also distribute CVs through email.

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Repeat Till You Succeed

We keep working till you are successful or the service term expires.

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Pricing HEading

USD 300 Per Three Months

For creating online profiles, CV uploads and daily job applications on different channels, we have very affordable plan for you. Need to learn more, discuss with our experts by booking an appointment . Special discount for eligible professionals. We shall also contact recruiters in UAE Dubai or Abu Dhabi for your job.

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