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We are hiring for Multiple position

1) Digital Marketing Manager
2) Digital Marketing Executive
4)Graphic Designer
5)Content writer(Editorial)
6)Content Writer(Healthcare)
7)Data Scientist
8)Business Analyst
9) Fullstack Developer
11)Software Engineer
12)Finance Manager
13)Social Media Manager
14) Guest Service Executive (5 Star Hotel )
15) Steward (5 Star Hotel )
16) Business Development Manager(f&b only)
17)Human Resource (IIM preferred)
18)IT Recruiter (CTC should be above 10 lac )
19)Sales Manager (Insurance company )
19)Software Developer
20)Account Manager
21)Android Developer
22) IOS developer
23) store Manager
24) Frontend Developer
25) Backend Developer
26)Education Counsellor
27) Customer Support (fresher or Experience)
28)UX Generalist
29)Technical Project Manager
30)Performance Marketer
31)Senior Associate - SEO
32)SEO Analyst
33)SEO Content writer
34)Email Marketing Specialist
35)Product Support Manager (IT - Cloud)
36)SAP IS Retail consultant (AFS)-wipro available in 7 cities only
37)Senior Epicor Consultant (Technical)
38)SAP CX CPQ Callidus Cloud Specialist -Wipro available in 8 cities only.
39)Epicor Finance Consultant
40)Salesforce Consultant
41)Research Analyst (Healthcare) - only in Noida
42)Corporate Strategist - Founder's Office (Chief of Staff) - Remote job
43)Solutions Lead-only in Hyderabad
44)Social Media Marketing Manager (Growth)- Remote job (CTC should be above 10 lac )
45)Fincrime Expert (Anti Money Laundering / AML) -Remote working (CTC should be above 15 lac )
46)Product Manager
47)Group / Senior Product Manager (Loan Management System)
48)Technical Program Manager (Project Management)
49)Visual Designer
50)Senior Graphic Designer (Social media/Digital Ads)
51)Lead / Associate Creative Director (Packaging & Branding)
52)Art Director (Packaging & Branding)
53)Senior Production Designer
54)Software Engineer - .NET
55)Solution Architect (Fintech - GCP)
56)Engineering Manager
57)Rust developer
58)Lead Software Engineer
59)SDE II - iOS Developer (MVVM)
60)Shopify Developer
61)Frontend Engineer - Mobile (Flutter)
62)MVC / Dot Net Full stack Developer
63)Technical Lead (B2B, Javascript)
64)Senior Manager - Insurance Sales
65)Field Sales executive (Insurance)
66)Associate Director- Enterprise Sales (B2B)
67)Assistant manager - Client retention sales (B2B/Corporate)
68)Sales Manager (Digital Marketing Sales)

If Interested Share Your Resume at freelancer24x7rec@gmail.com

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Confidential - India country

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