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company in the food sector - Brazil country

Food Sector

Commercial Director for a company in the food sector. Large company in the southern region and in the food sector. About Our Client Large national company in the food sector. Located in a city in the interior of a state in the South Region. Job Description Participate in the construction, implementation and monitoring of the company's strategic and commercial planning at a national level; Be responsible for expanding projected revenue, volume and margins nationwide, through its own structure of regional managers, who coordinate wholesale/retail sales, in addition to representatives, distributors and merchandising team; Structure and implement the Geographic Expansion program defined by the company, by region and sales channel; Have solid experience in managing commercial performance indicators (KPI's), revenue, volume, profitability and customer portfolio management; Adjustment of Commercial Policies; Ensure that revenue, volume, margin, distribution and merchandising execution objectives are met at POSs, by product line, sales channel and geographic region; Evaluate and develop each team and employees in the Commercial area. The Successful Applicant Commercial experience in the food sector, focusing mainly on retail, cash & carry and wholesale networks in Brazil; Experience with management and development of large teams; Good ability to communicate with various stakeholders (from external customers to leadership, peers and staff); Focus on results, initiative and leadership; Knowledge of Total Quality tools applied to sales (such as PDCA,...

Key Job Requirements:

  • x years of experience in commercial roles within the food sector in Brazil
  • Experience managing large teams

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Employment Type

Full Time

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Publish Date

24 Mar 2024

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23 May 2024

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Commercial experience in the food sector
Management and development of large teams
Communication with various stakeholders
Focus on results, initiative and leadership
Knowledge of Total Quality tools applied to sales

Job Functions

Sales, Business Development

ABC Company

company in the food sector - Brazil country

Hospital and Health center

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