Accounting Manager

Dr.Soliman Fakeeh Hospital Jeddah · - Saudi Arabia, Makkah Province, Jeddah city


About the job
Duties And Responsibilities

Oversee and streamline inpatient and outpatient billing processes & responsible for all related correspondence (Internal and external)
Leads and provides training, awareness, application, update, policy management related to outpatient billing team and promotes a culture and environment that focus on accurate billing and timely submission of claims.
Demonstrates an interest and an understanding of issues relevant to his/her department and the organization and keep his/her knowledge up to date
Communicates effectively to ensure effective hand-over between shifts & schedules to cover 7 days a week.
Manages inpatient and outpatient billing and claims for accuracy, completeness, follow up for timely submission and compliance with CHI and payer regulations, guidelines, and requirements
Supervise statement generation process for Outpatient and Inpatient claims.
Proven track record for improving process efficiencies and solving problems
Supports the team through conflict resolution, effective time management, workload prioritization, and individual staff development.
Audit insurance OP & IP claims and medical records to ensure that they are complete, accurate, and appropriate for billing
Observes behaviors of employees and provides feedback to individuals and/or managers.
Generate, analyze, or manage daily, weekly, and monthly reporting, identifying trends impacting charges, recommend denials and collections for process improvements, identifying training needs, and recommending process changes
Maintaining relationship with insurance companies to ensure that all claims are processed accurately
Adhere to all practice policies related to CHI & NPHIES
Follow up on escalates daily complaints to the billing director if required and follow up to reach a satisfactory closure within the approved KPIs.
Demonstrates compassionate communication skills while providing support care to the patients as “the patient is the center of our care”.


Education: BS degree in accounting, Qualified Accountant (ACA, ACCA or CIMA) or equivalent accounting professional certificate is a plus
Experience: 5-7 Years of relevant experience
Language: Excellent command of oral and written English & Required Licenses: SOCPA

Key Job Requirements:

  • 5-7 years of experience in accounting field

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Employment Type

Full Time

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Publish Date

09 Feb 2024

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09 Apr 2024

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Billing processes
Training and development
Compliance management
Conflict resolution
Process improvement
Data analysis
Relationship management
Communication skills

Job Functions


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Dr.Soliman Fakeeh Hospital Jeddah · - Saudi Arabia, Makkah Province, Jeddah city

Hospital and Health center

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Conflict Resolution
Process Improvement
Data Analysis
Relationship Management
Communication Skills


Computer proficiency
Leadership experience
Communication skills